Sunshine 4000kg 4 Post Hoist ( CH4P )

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Product Description

Model: SXJS4019 manual release 4tons

Lifting Capacity: 4000Kg
Lifting Height: 1900mm
Lifting Time (Loaded): 50s
Lowering Time (Loaded): 30s
Power Supply Voltage: 240V, 1pH or 415V, 3pH
Motor Power: 2.2Kw
Overall Width: 3019mm
Distance Between Post: 2715mm
Width Between Platforms: 1000mm
Width of Each Platforms: 508mm
Length of Platform: 4564mm
Overall Length: 5548mm
Overall Height: 2370mm
Ramp width: 508mm Ramp length: 984mm


Optional Extras:

Sliding Jack Available – $750.00

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